Riga Cup Meeting Info

June 5th, 2012
Riga, Latvia


Javelin (Cup)Javelin (Cup)
Shot Put (Cup)Long Jump (Cup)
100m (Cup)100m/h (Cup)
Long Jump (Promo)100m (Promo)
High Jump (Promo)1500m (Promo)
400m (Promo)400m (National)
800m (National)4x100m
110m/h (National)
3000m (National)

Awards 2012

PlaceCup eventsPromo events
1st500 euro300 euro
2nd300 euro200 euro
3rd200 euro100 euro

National events - Sportland gift cards, Syform gift cards

Travel and accommodation

For international athletes travel expenses are covered if needed and agreed with meeting director.
Hotel accommodation is covered to all international athletes by meeting organizator:
– Days Hotel: Hotel in Riga - Days Hotel Riga VEF
– 30 min drive from Riga airport
– 20 min drive from Riga bus, train station
– 10 min drive from stadium “Daugava”
• Transportation:
– all athletes are picked up/ dropped of from Riga airport, Riga bus/ train station
– transportation to/ from stadium is provided for trainings and competition

Stadium “Daugava”

- 8 lanes around
- indoor and outdoor warm-up areas

Meeting Info 2012

• Meeting director and athletes coordinator:
∙ Ieva Zunda
∙ phone +371 28382882
∙ e-mail: [email protected]
• Managing director and athletes coordinator :
∙ Edvins Krums
∙ phone +371 29485419
∙ e-mail: [email protected]
• Web: Rīgas kausi